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AI-powered customer support


Answerly is an AI chatbot that learns your entire business and generates dynamic, human-like replies to customers 24/7.

Answerly lets you train your AI chatbot with different data sources to create a subject expert that can respond to any customer support query.

You’ll be able to import online data from your website and knowledge base to train it on your business’ specific information.

This feature also lets you import unpublished data from Google Docs or PDFs, so you can also train your chatbot for internal use.

Chatbot training
Turn your AI chatbot into a subject expert in a few clicks!

Answerly makes it easy to update your AI chatbot’s knowledge with snippets of information that aren’t reflected on your website or documents.

That means you can notify your chatbot about scheduled downtime or other issues to keep site visitors in the loop.

Plus, you can upload screenshots of settings and features with a short description, giving your chatbot visual aids to share with customers.

Keep your chatbot informed of any changes so it can whip up unique support queries.

Answerly is also packed with tons of customization options, so you can easily change the look and feel of your AI chatbot.

Now you’ll be able to add your logo and colors to the widget to help it blend in with the rest of your website.

And you can set the tone or personality of your AI chatbot, ranging from humorous to serious, to create a better customer experience.

Tweak the look and feel of your chatbot to fit your website’s aesthetic.

Best of all, Answerly can analyze and identify gaps in your information to point out customer support questions it can’t answer yet.

You can quickly fill in these gaps with short answers right inside your dashboard, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of updating your source docs.

Since you’ll be able to implement a chatbot that can literally answer any query, you can finally streamline your customer support grind.

Knowledge gaps
Find any gaps in your knowledge base and provide short answers to create an all-knowing chatbot.

Contrary to popular opinion, having a know-it-all on your team would be a huge lifesaver.
(“Ooh, I know the answer! I’m raising my hand! Call on me!”)

That’s why Answerly lets you train your AI chatbot, update it with important info on the fly, and identify knowledge gaps for excellent customer service 24/7.

Give your customers the right answers.

Get lifetime access to Answerly today!

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