Discover a World of Icons: A Comprehensive Guide

Icons play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal and user experience of digital platforms. Whether you're a designer, developer, or simply someone looking to spruce up their project, the world of icons offers a vast array of choices. From SVG to PNG and more, these resources provide an extensive selection to cater to your specific needs.

World of icons

Discover a Wealth of Icon Resources

Consistent and Customizable Icons

Circum IconsExplore a collection of open-source SVG icons optimized for React, Vue, and Svelte frameworks.
Feather IconsAccess beautiful and customizable open-source icons designed to enhance your projects.
Linear IconsChoose from a selection of ultra-crisp vector icons to add precision to your designs.
Material Design IconsDownload icons in your preferred format, color, and size to match your project's requirements.
HeroiconsDiscover a collection of free and open-source icons developed by the creators of Tailwind CSS.

Diverse Collections

Shapedfonts IconclubDive into a vast collection of over 8000 free icons to meet your design demands.
UXWingAccess a well-optimized library of free icons suitable for commercial use.
Simple IconsExplore a wide array of 1307 free SVG icons representing popular brands.
Bootstrap IconsBrowse through a selection of free icons designed with Bootstrap compatibility.
Material PaletteFree to pick palettes, icons, and colors for Material Design.

Versatile and Customizable

Tabler IconsChoose from a collection of over 3500 highly customizable open-source SVG icons with support for various frameworks.
IconoirAccess a free library of over 900 open-source icons for your creative projects.
IkonateEnjoy fully customizable and accessible vector icons for a seamless design process.
SVG RepoDownload free SVG vectors to enhance your projects with versatile graphic elements.
ZondiconsDiscover a set of premium SVG icons designed to elevate your digital products.

Specialized Icons

Emoji GuideFind an extensive collection of 3300 emojis complete with their corresponding HTML codes for easy integration.
CryptoiconsAccess a set of 430 crypto and fiat currency icons, all available free of charge.
Currency IconA simple library for currency formatting and conversion.

Icon Exploration and Generation

World of Icons

IconSear.chEasily search and discover over 50,000 indexed SVG icons with this user-friendly search engine.
IconBrosExplore an extensive collection of over 7843 free icons grouped into 182 collections.
IcoMoonBrowse through more than 5500 free icons and search for specific sets effortlessly.
IconfinderAccess both free and premium vector icons in a variety of formats to cater to your project's needs.
LordiconEnjoy a collection of 50 free animated interactive icons.
UseAnimationsAccess free animated icons in SVG and Json format (for lottie).
css.ggChoose from over 700 open-source CSS, SVG, and Figma UI icons available in various formats.
Radix IconsChoose from a crisp set of 15x15 icons available as individual React components, SVGs, and more.
EOS IconsExplore a pixel-perfect iconic font available as ligature and SVG.
IoniconsDiscover beautifully crafted open-source icons for web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps.
Phosphor IconsUtilize the flexible Phosphor icon family for interfaces, diagrams, and presentations.
Teeny IconsAccess a set of SVG icons easy to use in HTML.
LucideDiscover an open-source icon library and fork of Feather Icons.
IconesExplore icons with instant searching powered by Iconify.
Shitty IconsDiscover a collection of free icons with a quirky twist.
IconspediaAccess a large collection of high-quality free icons.
iconhubDiscover practical and stunning icons suitable for everyone.
3DICONSExplore beautifully crafted open-source 3D icons.
IconsDbAccess a variety of custom free icons.
Unicorn IconsEnjoy a playful collection of over 100 customizable animated icons.
Sargam IconsAccess a collection of 275+ open-source icons available for Figma, SVGs, and React.


The world of icons offers a multitude of choices, whether you're seeking consistency, customization, or a particular style. With these resources at your fingertips, you can elevate your designs, streamline your projects, and enhance user experiences. Choose from a diverse range of icons to add that extra flair to your digital creations.