Getscope – Simplify project management


Getscope is an all-in-one project management solution packed with pre-set workflows and integrations to help you simplify your work.

Whether you’re just launching a startup or running a big team, Getscope lets you choose from multiple project management methodologies.

Use whichever project framework is best for your team, including to-do lists, kanban boards, Gantt charts, and Scrum.

As your project grows, you’ll be able to switch methods in one click, as many times as you want.

Project management types


Choose from five project types and switch between them as needed.

Because this solution lets you deactivate inactive users and only pay for active team members, you’ll be able to cut costs.

Got team members out on longer vacations or sabbaticals? It’s a cinch to reactivate users as soon as they’re back online.

Plus, Getscope has resource management built in, so you can track your team’s productivity and assign tasks accordingly.

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Pay-per-user model


With Getscope, you only have to pay for users who are actually active.

Getscope was developed by project managers who know you only want to pay for the features you really need.

Using pre-set project templates and an intuitive interface, you can launch projects quickly and manage them efficiently from the get-go.

If you’re not ready for agile frameworks, you can still work with the basic board to coordinate small projects—even without any project management experience.

You’ll be able to track all your project tasks from the dashboard to get a clear overview of your workload and productivity.

Getscope dashboard


Getscope’s approachable interface makes it easy for anyone to manage projects—even if you’re not a project manager.

Best of all, Getscope offers pre-configured agile environments, so you can get a head start on your sprints.

It’s super easy to create separate workspaces for different teams or customers and track everything in one place.

And thanks to the powerful integrations, you can connect Getscope with the apps that power your work, including Slack, Google Calendar, and Teams.

Agile framework


Because Getscope has pre-configured agile frameworks and integrations, it’s a cinch to get started.

With the right project management solution, conquering your workload is as easy as crossing things off a list. (“Look at that! My to-do list is an already-done list.”)

No matter how big (or small) your team is, Getscope gives you everything you need to streamline work from start to finish.

Work with your flow.

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