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PinChat is a business messenger with built-in customer engagement features that lets you chat and share surveys via link or QR code.

With PinChat, you can chat instantly with your customers via a link or QR code—no additional apps needed.

Put your PinChat link or QR code on any online or offline customer touchpoint like social media, flyers, and business cards.

You’ll receive instant notifications when you get a new message on the PinChat app.

Plus, you can manage all your customer messages on one dashboard, so no question or concern will ever slip under the radar again.

Link or QR code

Chat with customers instantly by providing the PinChat link or QR code.

You can easily build your own chatbot using PinChat’s chatbot builder, giving clients the chance to instantly start a conversation right on your website.

Use the chatbot to address customer questions and concerns and guide them to the answers they need, all while letting your customer service team focus on urgent matters.

You’ll also be able to take over the chat at any time when customers need instant support by switching from a chatbot to a real person in the chatroom.



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Power up your chat widget with a chatbot that can help customers when you’re not there.

PinChat also lets you create sub-accounts for your customer service team members.

You can add multiple sub-accounts to a single chat link, so that different team members can work simultaneously and reply to messages at the same time.

Group related chatrooms together into folders with a single drag and drop, and use colored tags to highlight each chatroom’s key points to help you stay organized.

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Stay organized with colored tags and store related chatrooms in folders.

Get feedback from your clients with an in-chat survey, so you can quickly scan customer sentiment.

PinChat helps you keep track of all your leads by automatically adding anyone you chat with to your client list.

Best of all, the tool will automatically sync and update customer data shared in a chatroom to your client list.

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CRM client list

Keep track of your clients by automatically syncing information from chats to your client list.

Engaging with your clients shouldn’t feel like you’re performing a one-person magic show and manning the ticket booth at the same time. (“Looks like it’s the perfect time to disappear.”)

PinChat makes it a cinch to engage with your customers instantly and organize chat conversations, so your entire customer service team can collaborate better.

Get to know your customers with chatbots.


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Get lifetime access to PinChat today!

Get lifetime access to PinChat today!

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