In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with your users is a must. But hey, we get it – there are hurdles:

Emails can vanish into thin air, social media posts might play hide-and-seek, and live chats? Well, they’re like one-on-one convos with a bouncer.

That's where Taku comes in!

Unveil modifications to your product and capture instant responses

Taku is your key to unlocking sharper decisions and a stronger market presence


Best for
  • Bloggers
  • Ecommerce
  • SaaS
Alternative to
  • Drift
  • GetResponse
  • Intercom
  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label



Level up your update game and let your announcements shine.

Ready to take your updates game to the next level? Say hello to Taku, your go-to sidekick for dropping news bombs on your users with style. 🎉

Picture this: stunning images that grab attention, interactive polls that get users engaged, and forms that make feedback a breeze. All served up on a silver platter of intuitive awesomeness.


Drop the widget on your website and start broadcasting messages to users.

Gone are the days of uncertainty. Taku empowers you with insights straight from your users, ensuring your decisions are on point. It's like having a compass that always points to success.

No more guesswork, just data-driven choices. Taku is your key to unlocking sharper decisions and a stronger market presence.


The easiest way to communicate with your users.

Taku is designed to help you unveil updates while gathering instant user reactions. It's all about syncing up your announcements with user perspectives, making sure your moves are always on point.

No more shooting in the dark or going with your gut. Taku gives you the insight you need to make updates that truly resonate with your users. It's like having a direct line to their thoughts.


Format your messages with markdown and images or videos.

Imagine keeping your users in the loop about updates and changes in real-time. Picture this: it's like sending them a text message, but right there on your website.

That's the magic of Taku—an instant alert system that lets you keep your users in the know.


Install the widget with just a couple lines of code.

Curious about how your users feel about that shiny new feature or the recent changes you've made? With Taku, it's a breeze to ask for their opinions. They can cast their votes in polls or express their reactions to updates, giving you their insights instantly.

Get access to TAKU today!

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