Unlocking Full-Time Remote Opportunities: Spanish Contract Jobs Compilation


This is a compiled listing companies which offer full-time remote jobs with
Spanish contracts


When considering a remote job, it's natural to think that you can work for any
company in the world. However, if you live in Spain, working for companies
abroad means becoming self-employed, which has several drawbacks:

  • Your employer can end your contract at any time
  • You need to do extra paperwork compared to a regular full-time job
  • There is no clear legal framework. Apparently it is not OK to be self-employed
    and work for a single Spanish company. There seems to be no clear messaging
    from the government that doing the same for a foreign company is OK

There is a significant amount of resources to find a remote job, but we have
found none targetting people living in Spain. As we believe that the number of
companies allowing remote work in Spain are limited, a list seems a good
approach for those seeking a remote work; they can simply go through the list
and look for open positions.



We will only list companies which allow working fully remotely (e.g. you can
work from anywhere in Spain and you do not have to set foot in an office if you
don't want to). Some occasional travelling for onboarding, team building or
similar purposes is fine. Also the companies must also hire people using
Spanish full-time contracts (i.e. not self-employment). For example, the
following scenarios are OK:

  • A completely Spanish company that hires in Spain with regular, non
    self-employed contracts people living in Spain
  • A foreign company, with a Spanish legal entity to be able to hire people
    living in Spain, using regular, non self-employed contracts
  • A foreign company, using an intermediary to hire people living in Spain, but
    the contract must also be Spanish, not requiring self-employment.


Please provide a stable URL which lists all offers that meet the conditions
for being listed in this page (or a simple way to filter/locate them).

We recommend:

  • Not using an URL or page that seems to be for a specific offer (e.g.
    /blog/backend_python_dev). People browsing the list might not feel
    confident that the offer is still available and up to date
  • Showing clearly when offers were posted
  • Highlight clearly which offers fulfill the criteria for this listing
    or that all offers do. For instance, indicate clearly which offers
    are remote, etc.

Adding a company

If you are a company or an individual, send a PR which adds the company to the
list (in alphabetical order). Try to be brief to keep the list manageable.

Please make a note in the offer if:

  • You have specific travel requirements (monthly onsites, etc.) which happen
    more than 3 times a year
  • You require language knowledge other than Spanish and/or medium English

or anything you feel might be important to users of the list, especially if
this is not clearly stated in the offers in your listings.

Tag your offer with:

  • (All offers are remote) if the job listing does not offer any indication
    that all offers are remote, nor marks clearly remote offers, but all jobs
    are remote.
  • (All technical offers are remote) if the job listing does not offer any
    indication that all offers are remote, nor marks clearly remote offers,
    but all technical offers are remote.
  • (View individual job offers to check for remote) if the job listing does
    not offer any indication that all offers are remote, nor marks clearly
    remote offers, so you need to check individual offers to see if the
    position is remote.
  • (Async friendly)/(Async first) if you do not have specific availability
    requirements. This is especially interesting for workers who might be
    interested in working on a different schedule or timezone. You can also
    add details like (Preferred overlap of 3 hours with US Eastern office
    hours), (Night shift every 4 weeks), (4 day week), or (Requires
    availability 8-9 Europe/Madrid).


It is our objective for this list to remain useful and effective for job
searchers. If you use this list and notice that a company listed below is no
longer useful (broken URL, not clearly listing remote offers which fulfill
the criteria for the listing, etc.), please send a PR removing it (along
with a justification) or open an issue.

See OWNERS for details about the maintenance of the project



  • JobFluent Open positions JobFluent is a Spanish job search site that allows filtering for 100% remote positions and only listing companies with offices in Spain.
  • Manfred Open positions Manfred is a recruiting company. Offers marked as FULL REMOTE and with a salary in euro comply with the conditions stated above.
  • Remote First Open positions Remote First is a Spanish remote job search site that allows filtering for offers complying with the conditions stated above.
  • Rviewer Open positions Rviewer is an IT hiring marketplace that allows filtering full-remote and hybrid positions in Spain and Europe.
  • Barcelona Engineering Open positions Barcelona Engineering (BcnEng) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to let Barcelona’s tech hub become one of the best tech communities around the globe. Their #hiring-job-board Slack channel is an automated channel where people and companies post job offers. Those with the Remote tag are truly remote, however some offers might be for freelancers/contractors.
  • Jobgether Open positions Jobgether is a remote job aggregator. Positions that list explicitly "Spain" in the "remote from"/"remote location allowed" field, likely hire through permanent contracts in Spain.

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