– Use ChatGPT in spreadsheets

[ad_1] is an AI-powered tool that uses ChatGPT to write content, extract text, categorize data, and generate formulas in spreadsheets.

With, you get an AI-powered toolbox for spreadsheets that acts as of an extension for Excel and Google Sheets.

Just prompt ChatGPT inside a formula and drag it down to perform repetitive tasks on thousands of rows at once.

Plus, you can use simple formulas to instantly generate content like marketing copy, SEO descriptions, customer responses, and messages.

Write formula

With the power of AI, you can use simple formulas to whip up targeted customer messages.

Using the INFER formula, you can train AI to perform specific tasks! Simply show it a handful of examples to get the ball rolling.

That means you’ll be able to categorize hundreds of items, format a thousand cells, and perform sentiment analysis without breaking a sweat.

And because you can save functions for future use, you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.

INFER formula

Train the AI to handle busywork for you, like categorizing qualitative data fast.

Prompt ChatGPT to perform AI-related tasks like making educated guesses, summarizing text into bullet points, and extracting specific content.

Thanks to the AI function, can do awesome things like send unique replies to as many customer comments as you want.

You can also browse from pre-written AI formulas to perform basic tasks, so you don’t worry about coming up with your own formulas from scratch.

AI formula

Using the AI formula, you can clean up your spreadsheets and extract useful info from columns.

Best of all, you can train to perform hyper-specific tasks—just describe the formula you want and this tool will handle the rest.

You’ll be able to easily generate complicated spreadsheet formulas like VLOOKUP, QUERY, and REGEX.

And because can actually explain formulas to you, you’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on with your data.

IF formula

The AI lets you generate formulas based on your plain-text descriptions.

Manipulating spreadsheet data shouldn’t feel like you’re signing up for a lifetime’s worth of manual labor. (“These cell blocks are starting to feel like a prison.”)

Lucky for you, leverages ChatGPT inside Excel and Google Sheets, so you can teach AI to tackle all your spreadsheet tasks.

Do more with your spreadsheets.