Trafft – Manage all bookings for agency clients


Trafft is an automated booking platform packed with powerful features for service businesses and agencies with multiple clients.

Trafft’s tier 3 is perfect for agencies that want to manage multiple client accounts on one dashboard.

With an agency account, you can white label booking features to reflect your brand and even analyze booking performance across employees or services.

You’ll be able to assign different access levels to clients, so they can easily find what they’re looking for.

Trafft even lets users create profiles to manage appointments, saving you from having to update everything on your own time.


Manage multiple client accounts from one user-friendly dashboard.

Trafft lets you sync multiple Google, Outlook, and iOS calendars to ensure times and dates are always up-to-date.

Got remote employees? Trafft’s automated time zone management will update appointment times across time zones.

You can also automatically set buffer times for meetings and offer group bookings and recurring appointments.

Plus, you’ll be able to manage working hours, days off, and special days to make sure you’re only getting booked when available.

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Manage multiple calendars

Sync all your Google, iOS, and Outlook calendars to ensure availability is always up-to-date.

You can customize booking sites with premade themes that align with the look and feel of your brand or your client’s brand.

Share booking details with a link or QR code via social media and email, with the option to offer private services using direct links.

Trafft is also offers smart integrations for tools like WhatsApp, Acumbamail, and Mailchimp, letting you keep clients in the loop and effortlessly launch email campaigns.

Booking site

Customize the look and feel of your booking site using premade templates.

Thanks to Trafft’s Android mobile app, business owners and employees can stay connected and manage appointments from anywhere.

Use the app wherever and whenever to view appointments, coordinate schedules, check availability, and reschedule calls.

That means you can access your calendar, booking details, and customer information while traveling or working from home without missing a beat.

Android app

Take advantage of Trafft’s Android app to manage your bookings from anywhere.

The slowest way to grow your agency is to create a super confusing booking experience for your prospects. (Disclaimer: We do not recommend this.)

Thankfully, Trafft makes it simple to manage multiple bookings for clients and employees from one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Meet more, stress less.

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