StoryScraper – Create better stories for WordPress


StoryScraper is an AI-powered tool that converts your existing content into compelling stories for your WordPress site!

With StoryScraper, you can convert blogs, articles, or product pages into web stories for more visibility and traffic coming from Google.

This tool uses AI to automatically generate content summaries, so you can fit everything on a few image slides.

You have complete freedom to adjust colors, fonts, margins, and opacity to achieve the look and feel that fits your brand.

Plus, you’ll be able to add a custom call-to-action to help drive traffic to your website, landing page, or affiliate link.

Convert posts


Turn your written content into a compelling story in just a few clicks.

You’ll be able to create web stories about trending topics with a keyword, so your business can tap into whatever’s hot right now.

The AI-powered tool will scrape popular images and articles to create an entire web story that connects with your audience.

Once StoryScraper is done, you can edit the image captions to correct errors or add more context to your story.

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Leverage any trending search keyword to generate a brand-new story.

StoryScraper lets you convert content from anywhere on the internet into your own web stories just by copy-pasting the URL.

You can set up one to 20 different slides, and then this tool will just adjust the summary for bite-sized stories or more detailed reads.

Plus, you’ll be able to automatically translate dozens of languages to create stories for audiences all over the world.

Scraping web content


Scrape any web content and convert it into a fresh story for your brand.

You can also choose from tons of pre-built templates to instantly create stories for any industry, niche, or brand.

Thanks to the ChatGPT integration, it’s a cinch to draft new content and ensure your storytelling is top-notch every time.

Best of all, StoryScraper connects to your WordPress site via plugin or REST API, so you can easily embed your stories.

ChatGPT integration


Use the power of ChatGPT to generate well-written content for your stories.

With an AI-powered tool handling the storytelling, all you need to do is build a campfire. (“Gather around, dear web visitors…”)

StoryScraper turns any online content into engaging web stories to help you rank higher in Google search results and attract more traffic.

Tell your story.

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